Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to Sprout!

Sprout - (verb) to begin to grow; shoot forth, as a plant from a seed

As I read that definition, I am acutely aware that technology and innovation Sprout from two things:  curiosity and need. 

That’s why SSD created Sprout – to be an idea exchange forum with others who use technology in moving their business forward. I hope it will sprout even more growth, curiosity and innovation, especially in the area of ‘Green’ technology. 

As champions of the green technology movement, SSD is constantly looking for ways to eliminate waste. Through listening to our business partners we’ve learned that waste is the root of most counter productivity in business. And waste comes in several forms – wasting time, wasting resources, wasting opportunity. Through Sprout, we will reach out to all stakeholders in an effort to recognize, quantify and combat waste.

Sprout, like any new, green shoot in spring, is just the beginning.  In my garden I’m always excited to see what full grown plantings will emerge from the dirt as a tiny green bud.  It’s the same in business. I get excited when a client has a new need or brings us a question about how to make something better.  It makes me curious and drives our company to innovate further.  Welcome to Sprout.  I hope you’ll return again and again to grow with us.

- Lisa Detwiler, COO
SSD Technology Partners

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